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Link doodles for uncertain times, i hope my drawings can make your days a little less stresfull, a big geeky hug, from me to you ❤🙋‍♂️🤓

Kiki drawings, she’s my favorite 🙂

A couple of doodles i forgot to upload, first time i draw Kiki, bye, byye.

My classic tuesday Zeldoodle

Here’s a little Nurse Joy gouache doodle for you guys, i hope everyone’s ok and safe at home 🙂 / Un pequeño dibujito de la enfermera Joy, espero que estén todos bien y seguros en casa.


I printed a lot of stickers today, my console looks so much cuter now (this is a chinese console running Android), i just wanted to share that, byyyye.

Had to draw this, Luigi’s my favorite.

Here’s a little doodle for you guys, graphite drawings are my favorites.

You Jealous Link, first zeldoodle of the week