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Zelda’s Study: Breath of the Wild’s Akkala region looks like a hiding Lizalfos

The community has found all manner of amazing discoveries in Breath of the Wild since its 2017 release, and to this day we’re still seeing new combat techniques, tricks, and glitches pop up across the internet.

I would have said that this game can no longer surprise me anymore, but Breath of the Wild’s map screen was the last place I expected anyone to make another discovery.


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Zelda’s Study: Princess Zelda was originally envisioned as a queen in Hyrule Warriors

Hyrule Warriors is a game that certainly isn’t afraid to mix things up in the Zelda series. It had a whole new gameplay style, it featured characters that had never been playable before, and it threaded multiple games and timelines together.

At one point before the game’s release, Princess Zelda was even being considered in a whole new role.

Zelda’s Studyis a series where we examine the…

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Zelda’s Study: The possible historical and Biblical origins of Sidon’s name

Prince Sidon is one of those rare Zelda characters whose name seems like it could almost be a real one — and that’s because it is. Sidon is the name of a city in the Middle East as well as a figure from the Bible. It is very possible that the city and the man inspired the choice in name for the Zora.

The name as we use it today is actually Greek in origin. The city of Sidon was originally a…

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Zelda’s Study: The way you wake me feel

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou

It would be difficult to write for a Zelda fansite if I didn’t enjoy playing Zelda games. But if I had to pick one game that evoked the purest sensations of joy, it would be The Wind Waker. While other Zeldas have come close, none have quite…

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Zelda’s Study: Gyorg species overview

While most enemies and beasts in Zelda games attempt to intimidate players with designs based on mythical sources, the various Gyorg species are rare exceptions that are inspired by real-life fears. Gyorgs have not appeared in many games, but their nature of being a deadly creature that lurks below (or even above) has made them hard to forget.

The first Gyorg to appear in the series was the…

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Zelda’s Study: The secret shark of the lakeside laboratory

Sharks are usually portrayed as enemies in video games, given their on-screen reputation in the media as killing machines. As a huge shark nerd, I don’t always like that they’re portrayed in such a light. In The Legend of Zelda series as a whole, there have only been very few shark enemies. The Gyorg’s of Wind Waker and Malgyorg’s of Phantom Hourglass strike a close resemblance to them, but if…

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Zelda’s Study: Why every princess of Hyrule is named ‘Zelda’

After we learned that each Link and Zelda were not the same characters in each game, many of us probably questioned: “Why do they all have the same name?” Was it some sort of tradition that each descendent be given the names Link and Zelda generation after generation? In Zelda’s case, yes, that is exactly it. However, there’s more to it than one king or queen just decided they liked this name and…

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Zelda’s Study: Lynel species overview

Lynels have not appeared in many Zelda games, but each encounter is hard to forget. These beasts are powerful and resilient, and they have earned their reputation as one of Link’s deadliest foes.

Lynels first appeared in the original Legend of Zeldaas common enemies that dwelled near Death Mountain. The beasts came in two forms: the standard, red-colored Lynels and their more powerful,…

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Zelda’s Study: Twin Peaks inspired the shady Zelda characters we love

My brother has been trying to get me to watch Twin Peaks for years. He often references the television show and shows his love with a Twin Peaks ugly sweater and a Bookhouse Boys ball cap. I ignored his advice for years. Then, as I was thumbing through the Zelda Encyclopedia one afternoon, I noticed a tidbit in the Developer Notes for Link’s Awakeningdescribing how the game had been inspired by…

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Zelda’s Study: Cadence of Hyrule rewards players who venture out of bounds

Trying to “break” games by testing their limits is a bit of a hobby of mine, especially when it involves venturing outside of a game’s established borders. In most cases, a successful attempt at this causes glitches that, while amusing, are clearly not intended by developers. Sometimes, however, developers can prove to have excellent foresight.

The developers of Grand Theft Auto III left a…

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