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Tingle’s Maps: Windfall Island

You’re in for a windfall of activities and secrets on this island. (I’m starting this off strong, aren’t I?)

I needed to make multiple mandatory visits to Windfall Island while playing The Wind Waker, but I enjoyed my voluntary trips the most. There was so much to do on the island. It had interesting characters to meet, fun mini-games and sidequests to complete, and an active yet peaceful vibe…

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Zelda’s Study: The secret pigs of the Windfall Island Bomb Shop

Remember at the start of The Wind Waker, when you returned those three missing pet piglets to their rightful owner? Only to return to your home island later on, of course, and find that two of them actually ended up as dinner?

It seems that there is someone else in the game who also has cruel intentions towards our little bacon buddies, this time on Windfall Island. Well, maybe not,but there’s…

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Medli’s Melodies: From Outset to Windfall

Outset and Windfall Islands are my two favorite locations in The Wind Waker, and while I just adore the overall cheery nature of each place, I’d be lying if I said that the music wasn’t a huge part of it as well. Both have catchy melodies that reminisce Ocarina of Time and put a bouncing beat to each.

YouTuber ClefferNoteshas orchestrated both of these pieces in two different lighthearted pieces,…

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