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2 years ago, i posted my most popular idea; amiibo costumes for splatoon 2. today, i redrew the first 4 that were featured in the original post.

Medli’s Melodies: A Hyrule Warriors track sure to put wind in your sails

Last week we celebrated the 5-year anniversary of Hyrule Warriors with columns highlighting music, trivia, characters and cosplay from or inspired by the Zelda spin-off. But why stop there? Let’s keep it going for another day! Think of it as Hyrule Warriors Week: Definitive Edition.

Today, we keep rocking with a mettlesome medley of Wind Waker melodies that first appeared in Hyrule Warriors…

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Outset Island


wind waker 6 / ? textures — model — “pirate” alt wip



wind waker 1 / ? textures



wind waker 2 / ? textures

Medli’s Melodies: Trial of the Tower

Now, it’s no secret that the Tower of the Gods is one of my all–time favorite Zelda dungeons, and one of the things that make it so epic to me is the music that plays inside the structure. It’s grand enough as is, giving the overtone of a great challenge of wit and strength, but Z.R.E.O. managed to bump it up a notch and create their own take on the tower’s theme. 

Medli’s Melodiesis a…

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a quick commission of tetra from wind waker