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Fusing Shadow Into Light – Created by Eran Fo…


Fusing Shadow Into Light – Created by Eran Fowler

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Realm of Memories: You get that girl!

Realm of Memories: You get that girl!

The Symphony of the Goddesses live concert was one of the greatest musical experiences I’ve ever had. The music itself was fantastic, but it was not the only factor that made the night memorable. The people who attended, other fans of The Legend of Zelda, filled the atmosphere with laughter, joy, and unity, making the environment all the more enjoyable.

Realm of Memoriesis a series where we…

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bellhenge: Re: Princess Agitha [Zelda: Twiligh…


Re: Princess Agitha [Zelda: Twilight Princess] [Hyrule Warriors]
Zelda and Midna
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favourite tloz characters (1/?)ashei – twilight princess (2006)

I grew up in the mountains with my father, who was a knight in his own right. He taught me the arts of war as though I was his son. Of course, lessons in common courtesy were not part of the regimen, so forgive me if I come off as rude, yeah?“ 

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Zelda commission for @smolnicolasbrown! 😀
Twilight Princess o3o

Tingle’s Maps: Hena’s Cabin

Tingle’s Maps: Hena’s Cabin

Unless you’re really into fishing, being in a fishing shop really isn’t all that exciting. My dad owned one for quite some time and I’d have to work there over the summer with my mom, which is actually how I wound up making money to buy myself a Wii — but that’s another story for another time. My point is, I wasn’t really into all this kind of stuff, so why would I ever want to virtually visit…

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long time no loz art 

Zelda’s Study: Chuchu species overview

Zelda’s Study: Chuchu species overview

The Legend of Zelda series’ quintessential mindless foe, Chuchus serve the role of being a mild nuisance in every game they appear in, with each encounter being similar in style and threat level.

Zelda’s Study is a series where we examine the history of The Legend of Zeldato bring you some fascinating (or just plain weird) trivia. In our studies, we’ll explore each game’s development,…

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Realm of Memories: Arachnophobia and Zelda

Realm of Memories: Arachnophobia and Zelda

Since I was a child, I have been afraid of spiders. Despite being told so many times that I have nothing to fear — that they are smaller than I am, more afraid than I am, and so on — I remain petrified. It’s paralyzing at some points, such as when a large one takes up residence in my garage, and I cannot go to my car until I know it’s been taken care of or one drops from the ceiling and sends me…

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