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Tingle’s Maps: Selmie’s Spot

My first thought when I reached the Hebra region was that this cold, mountainous area sure did have a lot of mountains. My second, more exciting thought was that I was going take every opportunity to shield surf on these slopes.

As I made my trek through the frigid tundra and up the precarious peaks, I looked for decent spots to undo all my progress and slide back down the cliffs on my…

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Tingle’s Maps: Spirit Temple

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed the idea of exploring ruins or ancient pyramids and the like. Navigating the twisting caverns, finding hidden treasure, or maybe finding a lost city or a beautiful underground lake. As an impressionable child, playing video games helped form my imagination, as I would often daydream about all the adventures I’d have exploring these exotic…

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Tingle’s Maps: Fire Mountain

Though many of the islands and locations present in The Wind Waker can be considered exotic, environmental diversity doesn’t get much more intense than what is encountered on Fire Mountain.

Fire Mountain is a relatively small island located south of Dragon Roost Island. In a way, it almost seems like Dragon Roost’s smaller but more temperamental, teenage sibling, with the never-ending…

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Tingle’s Maps: The Great Bay Temple

Great Bay Temple

A lot of Zelda fans are way too harsh on the Great Bay Temple in my opinion. While it’s certainly not a flawless dungeon, I’d personally rate it as a pretty memorable and challenging experience. Plus, I think it’s one of the more creative water-based temples from throughout the series.

What exactly is “memorable” and “creative” about the Great Bay Temple, I hear you asking skeptically? Well,…

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Tingle’s Maps: Windfall Island

You’re in for a windfall of activities and secrets on this island. (I’m starting this off strong, aren’t I?)

I needed to make multiple mandatory visits to Windfall Island while playing The Wind Waker, but I enjoyed my voluntary trips the most. There was so much to do on the island. It had interesting characters to meet, fun mini-games and sidequests to complete, and an active yet peaceful vibe…

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Tingle’s Maps: Stone Tower Temple

The Stone Tower Temple is a unique dungeon in Majora’s Mask. Located in the Ikana Canyon region of Termina, the dungeon puts everything Link has learned to the test. The puzzles in the dungeon often require the use of multiple weapons and masks that Link has obtained. Looking back at my first playthrough of this dungeon, I recall seeing the many upside-down switches, Deku Flowers, and fixtures…

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Tingle’s Maps: Arbiter’s Grounds

At the far west of Hyrule lies a desert, and at the far north of that desert sits a prison. A massive coliseum with ominous pillars lining a lengthy staircase leading to the entrance. The Wingcrest of the Royal Family of Hyrule is displayed prominently above the door and on pillars extending from inside the coliseum itself. Upon first glance, this could almost look like a temple or an arena for…

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Tingle’s Maps: The Pirate Ship in Super Smash Bros.

The Pirate Ship Smash Bros

Most Zelda fans will usually auto-pick Hyrule Temple when playing Super Smash Bros., as it’s the go-to stage when you need a bit of extra space for your chaotic clashes. However, The Wind Waker’s Pirate Ship also deserves a shout-out for being a fun, dynamic stage in Smash Bros. with its hazards, storms, and great song choices from throughout the Zelda series.  

Tingle’s Mapsis a series in…

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Tingle’s Maps: South Clock Town

South Clock Town is the largest part of Clock Town and is where most of the important plot points of Majora’s Mask take place. It is here that the Clock Tower is found, which is the physical center of the town, the focus of the festival, the location of the bridge between Hyrule and Termina, and the only way to reach the showdown with Skull Kid. The importance of the area cannot be overstated.

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Tingle Maps: Ikana Graveyard

The graveyard appears in some form in most Zelda games. Usually, an important item will be hidden either near the graveyard or beneath it. Ocarina of Time’s graveyard hides the Hookshot, Hylian Shield and the Shadow Temple. The graveyard in A Link to the Pasthides the Magic Cape, an item that allows Link to become invisible and avoid damage. Between all the graveyards I’ve been in, both real and…

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