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Zelda’s Study: A scrapped Linkle stage saw Darunia, Lana, and Ghirahim engage in a dance-off in Hyrule Warriors

Linkle is a very unique fighter in Hyrule Warriors. It’s rare that a character outside of the canon Zelda lore gains Linkle’s level of popularity, and yet she was brought to life through fan demand when sketches of her in the Japanese Hyrule Warriors art book were first revealed.

It stands to reason that such a unique character would also have a unique stage to boot. The team behind Hyrule…

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Tingle’s Maps: Windfall Island

You’re in for a windfall of activities and secrets on this island. (I’m starting this off strong, aren’t I?)

I needed to make multiple mandatory visits to Windfall Island while playing The Wind Waker, but I enjoyed my voluntary trips the most. There was so much to do on the island. It had interesting characters to meet, fun mini-games and sidequests to complete, and an active yet peaceful vibe…

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have i mentioned my undying love for wind waker? (also happy birthday nintendo)

Tingle’s Maps: Great Bay Coast 

Thinking back to the beaches I’ve ventured through in most video
games, most of my memories range from pleasant to joyful. Rolling
watermelons on Super Mario Sunshine’s Gelato Beach, soaring across the skies of Banjo-Kazooie’s Treasure Trove Cove, speeding across Sonic Adventure’s Emerald Coast and hanging with friends on Kingdom Hearts’ Destiny Islands.

As we all know, of course, Majora’s Mask isn’t “most video games”. so you can trust this game to make even a beach seem morbid.

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The horror: Tingle almost starred in his own horror game

We all know Tingle as the creepy man dressed in ill-fitting clothes selling maps to children, but what if Tingle had starred in actual horror title rather than just causing nightmares himself? Well, that was almost a reality.

In a recent interview with Kotaku, Nintendo Producer Kensuke Tanabe revealed that Vanpool, the developers of the Dillon’s Rolling Western trilogy and Freshly-Picked Tingle’s…

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Breath of the Wild Cutscenes with Tingle Costume

You can find other cutscene compilations here.