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The Wind Waker (2002)

kiryukazumas: Magic Armor: Use your magic powe…


Magic Armor: Use your magic power to raise a protective
barrier around you that guards against enemy attacks! Set it
to and use it with Y, Z, or X

arthurpenhaligons: Farore, with her rich soul…


with her rich soul, produced all life forms who would uphold the law.

goddesses in fiction → Farore (The Legend of Zelda)

Yuga’s Art Gallery: Wingieees

Yuga’s Art Gallery: Wingieees

I suppose my article about Quill made it hard for me to avoid sharing this. “Wingieees” by artist jelloire is a fun, stylized portrait inspired by my favorite Rito postman, so my appreciation for it should be expected.

As mentioned, it is a modest portrait of Quill and is a good representation of him. He’s not in some intense, action-filled situation that he would never find himself in, or…

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Zelda’s Study: Chuchu species overview

Zelda’s Study: Chuchu species overview

The Legend of Zelda series’ quintessential mindless foe, Chuchus serve the role of being a mild nuisance in every game they appear in, with each encounter being similar in style and threat level.

Zelda’s Study is a series where we examine the history of The Legend of Zeldato bring you some fascinating (or just plain weird) trivia. In our studies, we’ll explore each game’s development,…

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Bombers’ Notebook: Quill

Bombers’ Notebook: Quill

I’m just going to say it: Falco Lombardi wishes he was as
cool as Quill.

The Wind Wakeris home to many beloved and memorable characters, including the sassy Tetra, the loving Granny, and of course the heroic Link. But the character who I’ve always thought was one of the most interesting and unique — and who I would love to see return in future games — is the dauntless postman and member of…

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Realm of Memories: Arachnophobia and Zelda

Realm of Memories: Arachnophobia and Zelda

Since I was a child, I have been afraid of spiders. Despite being told so many times that I have nothing to fear — that they are smaller than I am, more afraid than I am, and so on — I remain petrified. It’s paralyzing at some points, such as when a large one takes up residence in my garage, and I cannot go to my car until I know it’s been taken care of or one drops from the ceiling and sends me…

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Realm of Memories: Six unfavorable boss battle…

Realm of Memories: Six unfavorable boss battles

Why is it that negatives are so much easier to remember than positives? I mean, of course I remember all the great bosses I’ve fought in The Legend of Zelda: Stallord, Molgera, Twinrova, Koloktos — just to name a few. This series is full of wonderful boss battles, which I guess makes the terrible ones contrast even more. These are the bosses, and the memories I have of them,  I think of when I…

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