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over 2 years later and people are STILL asking me how you get a full 2 rows of heart containers in breath of the wild…its a simple concept people. you either get full hearts or you get a full 3 stamina wheels.

“zelda is too cute and kind to fight” have you…seen?? link?? 

the hype around the time breath of the wild came out is the closest we’ll ever get to world peace


i think ppl would be a lot happier and better-adjusted on here if they realized that being online on a website is like being in any other casual public space full of people. if u walk into walmart u dont immediately think to yourself “i have to be friends with everyone in this walmart and if not everyone likes me i’m a failure” and u really shouldn’t feel that way online either. likewise if there’s a guy in the walmart parking lot shouting obscenities u probably wouldn’t answer him and that’s literally an exact equivalent to some of the weird stuff that people on here seem to feel they’re obligated to respond to.


what is this supposed to mean….


Reblog this if you’re still active in the Legend of Zelda fandom! Trying to prove a point that this fandom isn’t dead!

guys omg when did they implement this??

they actually implemented something legitimately useful for once??




when you get to the yeti’s house in twilight princess

Here’s the recipe for that soup thanks to Nintendo!


now i’m curious,

vote here;

so uhhh the audio stopped working on my capture card, couldnt seem to fix it. so i ordered a new one right? which cost me like 200 dollars. so it gets here & i cant seem to get it to work. so im testing my old one to make sure its not an issue with my pc and the audio on my old one is totally fixed somehow now. i guess at least all i have to worry about now is returning the replacement but man what a needless week of stress this was for me

im so tired i want to sleep for 5000 years