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Probably established already, but I headcanon that every Link ruffles the back of his hair with his hand when embarrassed or nervous.  It’s adorable.

Don’t forget this one ! ♥


anyone else finding that big moon in combination with a large tower + fireworks to be a little suspicious and familiar?



thanks for 42k follows 😊

thank you this is very flattering, although i dont feel like i deserve high praise like this cuz i havent been putting that much work into this blog lately…i really want to make more zelda gifs, but im out of ideas and ive either been spending my free time drawing (which you can find at @theskywaker ) or playing splatoon or whatever other game currently interests me. i feel bad for re-queueing the same things over and over. the good news is though i recently unlocked all the costumes in hyrule warriors definitive (which took me like over 200 hours, not a quick thing), so maybe i can make a big batch of gifs from that. thinking about doing more botw as well, maybe ill start a new playthrough so i have an excuse to explore around and gif various locations


thanks for 42k follows 😊


they reference phantom hourglass in wario ware gold, thats so cool!



me going outside: this is just like in breath of the wild

Hello! So I've semi-recently fallen in lo…

Hello! So I've semi-recently fallen in love with Zelda, and have just found your blog while looking for fandomness. Your art is spectacular and all the other wonderful things you make make me so happy. 🙂 So thanks for all of that! Although you may have already answered these questions, I have a few I'd like to ask if you have the time. How did you get into LoZ? What's your favorite song? Ship? If you read them, what's your fav LoZ fanfiction? Thanks so much and have a nice day!

from my FAQ;

What was your first Zelda game?

Ocarina of Time on the N64! Played it all the way back in 1998.“

my favorite song is uh…i guess the staff credits theme from wind waker

i dont really do shipping

i dont read fanfiction

glad you’re enjoying the blog!



Me checking notes for funny reactions: 

“Dudes, check here!”

“More gay vids, here!”



Urbosa: *loses Revali in a crowd*

Urbosa: Finally