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what is this ask i got??


anyone know any reasons why the touchpad on my laptop would get oddly warm? my cpu/motherboard/graphics arent running warmer than usual & it can’t be the battery either. i just dusted out the vent recently too. doesnt seem to be causing any issues but it just makes me paranoid

about fire emblem three houses; i’ve only played fire emblem awakening (i played it till the end credits and enjoyed it), would i like this new game?

what is it with this site and weird accounts that come out of nowhere & reply to your posts with vaguely threatening messages & you have no idea what theyre talking about but certain keywords stick out where it makes you think “ok theres no way this can actually be about me” because those specific words have nothing to do with you? is it just some kind of weird tactic to get you to visit their blog & get hacked? obviously i dont engage with these accounts & i most likely just end up reporting and blocking them but its really kind of freaky & always takes me a few minutes to figure out what the hell i’m reading

anyone else run into this kind of thing? its happened more than once now & ive had someone ask me once what was the deal with one of the accounts i had this issue with so i dont think i’m the only one


photoshop when I go to save a gif: 3.023 Mb
me, trying to reduce the size: deletes 40 frames, decreases brightness, ups the contrast, crops canvas, makes small offering to a local deity
photoshop: 3.022 🙂

there is so much more respect for people who make gifs/edits on here than there is on twitter & i appreciate that of you guys so much. thanks.

just updated breath of the wild to the version that adds VR (1.6.0) and i STILL cannot hold one of each piece of gear in the game in my inventory. the inventory needs 7 extra slots for all the dlc gear to fit. been waiting about a year and 4 months now lol…

over 2 years later and people are STILL asking me how you get a full 2 rows of heart containers in breath of the wild…its a simple concept people. you either get full hearts or you get a full 3 stamina wheels.

“zelda is too cute and kind to fight” have you…seen?? link??