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I drew a little Kirby comic today 🙂 / Dibujé un cómic pequeñito de Kirby hoy

I drew this little kirby comic today, happy monday everyone 🙂

A few sketches that I made this week for my zeldoodles comics 🙂 Many of them never got “published”

I drew a gooaisy? today, 🤓✏ Dibujé una Gooaisy hoy

Doodled these two today, this is my 602 comic here 🙂

Dragon Quest’s Hero and Banjo-Kazooie joining Ultimate this year

Not one, but two fighters were announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in today’s Nintendo Direct! The E3 Direct opened with Breath of the Wild Link fighting a corrupted Marth and Meta Knight before the aptly named Hero from Dragon Quest XI leaped in to help out.

It went on to show off some of the moves and animations for the Hero, but Nintendo wasn’t done showing off the new character yet.…

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I drew some Kirby doodles today:)


Joker joins the battle, so i doodled this today 🙂

Joker joins the battle, so i doodled this today 🙂