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Realm of Memories: The Dad of the Wild Returns

For anyone who hasn’t read my Dad of the Wild piece, click here to read it.

Back in March of 2017, Breath of the Wildcame out for the Switch and Wii U. I had given my father the Wii U and bought him a copy of the game so he could play it. It is now two years later and he is still playing the game, every single day. It’s become a bit of a family affair as my Stepmother and my Stepsister love…

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Realm of Memories: My four favorite foods in Breath of the Wild

I’m a big foodie in real life. Anyone who knows me wonders where all the food I eat goes, because, well, let’s just say I can eat for England. Like Link in Breath of the Wild, I must have some black hole in my stomach that allows me to keep eating and eating and eating. It’s no wonder I love the game’s cooking mechanic so much. 

Realm of Memoriesis a series where we reflect on our absolute…

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Realm of Memories: Why I love Ilia

Twilight Princess is probably my favorite Zelda game to date. Newer releases like Breath of the Wild come close, but for a few reasons, Twilight Princess still remains on top for me. One of these reasons is definitely the character of Ilia.

Last year, one of us published an article painting Ilia in a negative light.This was an incorrect opinion, and so I’m here to make a defense for what I…

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Realm of Memories: The Legend of How Did I Beat This as a Kid?

I distinctly remember being very young when I played on an NES for the first time. For so long it had been Pac-Man on a single arcade machine at a local restaurant, but after playing a game at a friend’s house, my dad decided to buy one for us. We played the original Super Mario Bros.for hours, getting stuck on the pipes because we couldn’t figure out how to enter them, raging about Hammer…

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Realm of Memories: Taking the not-so-scenic route

By the time I realized Link’s friend, Ilia, had come down with a bad case of the story tropes (amnesia), I had already gleaned how wise Telma was. That’s why it wasn’t a surprise when she understood that Link knew the memory-challenged girl. Telma told Link of what happened, how Ilia had no memories but still felt compelled to help the Zora child she found dying in the streets. Telma asked Link…

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Realm of Memories: From Sims 2 Zelda

Middle school was a good time in my life for gaming. Sure, I had Pokemon and Smash Bros. in elementary, but in middle school, I was beginning to broaden my horizons with new games, including The Legend of Zelda. While that ultimately became my leading love for all game series, three others made an impression on me like no others: Fire Emblem, Pikmin, and The Sims. 

While I was (and still am)…

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Realm of Memories: The Pied Harper

Every village featured in the Legend of Zeldaseries has subtle nuances that bring it to life. The stream running through Ordon and the children playing about, the sleepiness of Kakariko with clucking Cuccos and people going about their everyday tasks. Skyloft is no exception to this. The bustling village bazaar, children hunting beetles, and the little Remlits, the cat-like creatures that wander…

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Realm of Memories: Bird, brained

Don’t take this out of context, but I never thought killing
a bird with a hammer could be so cathartic.

Link climbed through the opening of Forsaken Fortress’s central tower and stood at the top. He waited only a moment before the three stone slabs began to close together. They were sealing the massive hole, as well as creating the floor space for the inevitable showdown. All around Link were…

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Realm of Memories: The Cadence of friendship

Around the time when Crypt of the NecroDancer released, I was fortunate enough to have the game gifted to me through a friend. Except, I ended up not liking the game much at all. My patience wore pretty thin with it and I didn’t know how to properly learn or progress. The furthest I’d ever made it was the second stage, and I eventually just shelved the game, accepting that it just wasn’t for me.

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Realm of Memories: You get that girl!

The Symphony of the Goddesses live concert was one of the greatest musical experiences I’ve ever had. The music itself was fantastic, but it was not the only factor that made the night memorable. The people who attended, other fans of The Legend of Zelda, filled the atmosphere with laughter, joy, and unity, making the environment all the more enjoyable.

Realm of Memoriesis a series where we…

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