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Zelda’s Study: Princess Zelda was originally envisioned as a queen in Hyrule Warriors

Hyrule Warriors is a game that certainly isn’t afraid to mix things up in the Zelda series. It had a whole new gameplay style, it featured characters that had never been playable before, and it threaded multiple games and timelines together.

At one point before the game’s release, Princess Zelda was even being considered in a whole new role.

Zelda’s Studyis a series where we examine the…

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i drew this today, 3 days without headaches, 3 days drawing comics 🙂 / Dibujé esto hoy, 3 día sin jaquecas, 3 días dibujando cómics 🙂

I drew this little comic today, love the new Zelda haircut  🙂 / Dibujé este pequeño cómic hoy

Good Smile Company shares painted Breath of the Wild Zelda Nendoroid

Good Smile Company has unveiled a fully painted prototype of their Breath of the Wild Zelda Nendoroid for…

anyone know where i can find a really good high quality image of the 3d model of this dress zelda wears on only a few occasions? its hard to see some of the finer details of it since its only shown in full from a distance. did a google search but its full of pictures of peoples cosplays which i don’t really want to have to reference. 


A bunch of dorky Ditto doodles, love that guy / thing, blob, most beautiful thing in history of video games 🙂 

Zelda’s Study: Why every princess of Hyrule is named ‘Zelda’

After we learned that each Link and Zelda were not the same characters in each game, many of us probably questioned: “Why do they all have the same name?” Was it some sort of tradition that each descendent be given the names Link and Zelda generation after generation? In Zelda’s case, yes, that is exactly it. However, there’s more to it than one king or queen just decided they liked this name and…

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