Category: pokemon sword and shield

Here’s a little Nurse Joy gouache doodle for you guys, i hope everyone’s ok and safe at home 🙂 / Un pequeño dibujito de la enfermera Joy, espero que estén todos bien y seguros en casa.

My silly doodles :/

Shut up and take my rupees 🙂

Some random doodles, I hope you guys have a great weekend 🙂 

I drew this little comic today, love the new Zelda haircut  🙂 / Dibujé este pequeño cómic hoy

A bunch of dorky Ditto doodles, love that guy / thing, blob, most beautiful thing in history of video games 🙂 

Doodled these two today, this is my 602 comic here 🙂

Some comics and random doodles /

More pokemon sword / shield doodles 🙂

Last doodle for today 🙂 these two are so cute