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I drew this today, happy friday 🙂 / Dibujé esto hoy, feliz viernes 🙂

A Sakura doodle (she’s SO cute!) and some sketches i did this week 🙂 / Un dibujo de Sakura (es TAN linda!) y algunos sketches que hice esta semana 🙂

Doodles, and new stickers 🙂

Doodles, and new stickers 🙂

This is the first time i draw KK Slider here 🙂 / Esta es la primera vez que dibujo a K.K Slider aqui 🙂

Ocarina of time 🙂 Thanks for asking / Gracias por preguntar 🙂

Do you recognize all of the themes?

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Thursday zeldoodles, the classic Gameboy was my first portable console, but the Gameboy advance is my favorite console when I’m away from home 🙂 / Zeldoodles de jueves, el Gameboy clásico fue mi primera consola portable, pero el Gameboy Advance es mi consola favorita cuando estoy lejos de mi casa.

Drew this today, I’m pretty curious about the new Nintendo Labo, i think the concept is great 🙂 / Dibujé ésto hoy, estoy bastante curioso sobre la nueva Nintendo Labo, creo que el concepto es muy cool 🙂

The Legend of Zelda Electronic Ocarina of Time is now available at ThinkGeek

Admit it, we’ve all fantasized about being able to play “Zelda’s Lullaby” or “Epona’s Song” on an ocarina. Link makes it look so easy, but sadly it’s actually a pretty difficult instrument to play. Thankfully, ThinkGeek take the difficulty level way down with their electronic ocarina, which is available now. For just $29.99 you too…

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