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Medli’s Melodies: Song of Storms Remix

Medli’s Melodies: Song of Storms Remix

“Song of Storms” is already an amazing song, but the amount of remixing that composers and arrangers can do with the melody makes me adore it even more. The song is like a storm itself, with its potential for endless changes in velocity, intensity, and impact.

This variety can be heard in Glitchxcity’s 2012 remix. I covered a cover of hers before that was inspired by “Song of Storms,” but it…

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Zelda’s Study: A link between towns and sages

Zelda’s Study: A link between towns and sages

Ruto, Rauru, Saria, Darunia, and Nabooru. These are all names that we’ve come to know as some of the sages from Ocarina of Time, and from this point on they are referenced throughout Zelda lore. However, what some people may not know (though there are many who do) is that these names did not hail from that particular title. They instead came from Zelda II: Adventure of Link. Not only that, but…

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OoT Princess Zelda [Zelda: Ocarina of Time] 20th Anniv!
Princess Ruto

Early Ocarina of Time footage from Spaceworld …

Early Ocarina of Time footage from Spaceworld 1996 surfaces online

Over on the ol’ Tube of You, a user by the name of kukun kun has uploaded some footage from an old Japanese TV show. Not that exciting in itself, except the footage in question was actually shot at Nintendo’s Spaceworld event from 1996.

Amongst the usual hyperactive Japanese fare, we get a few quick shots of what is a beta version of Ocarina of Time. The images feature early builds of town and…

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Link: You know, it’s at times like this that I really wish I’d listened to what Kaepora Gaebora told me when I was younger.
Navi: Why, what did he tell you?
Link: I don’t know, I didn’t listen.

Realm of Memories: Arachnophobia and Zelda

Realm of Memories: Arachnophobia and Zelda

Since I was a child, I have been afraid of spiders. Despite being told so many times that I have nothing to fear — that they are smaller than I am, more afraid than I am, and so on — I remain petrified. It’s paralyzing at some points, such as when a large one takes up residence in my garage, and I cannot go to my car until I know it’s been taken care of or one drops from the ceiling and sends me…

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Zelda’s Study: Nintendo almost offended gamers…

Zelda’s Study: Nintendo almost offended gamers of the world’s second-largest religion

Did you play Ocarina of Time when it was first released? If so, you may have noticed that the music in the Fire Temple is different than in re-releases of the game. The Fire Temple theme in the first two versions of Ocarina of Timefeatured chanting, but all later versions replaced the chanting with MIDI synthesizer. Why did Nintendo make this switch? To avoid possibly upsetting their Muslim…

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my in game drawing for “time travel vs teleportation”