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2 years ago, i posted my most popular idea; amiibo costumes for splatoon 2. today, i redrew the first 4 that were featured in the original post.

Yuga’s Art Gallery: Knock on Deku wood

Living around the mountains in a small tourist town, it isn’t out of the ordinary to see wood carvings of the various fauna to some degree. One can easily spot a bear spawned from the massive trunk of a once living-and-thriving tree or even small carvings dedicated to remnants of the Native American heritage that thrives throughout the area. This had been the norm for what I considered wood…

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Tingle’s Maps: Spirit Temple

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed the idea of exploring ruins or ancient pyramids and the like. Navigating the twisting caverns, finding hidden treasure, or maybe finding a lost city or a beautiful underground lake. As an impressionable child, playing video games helped form my imagination, as I would often daydream about all the adventures I’d have exploring these exotic…

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Some times I think about how the Hero of time was only a kid.

Medli’s Melodies: Song of Storms jazz cover

I have a intense relationship with the “Song of Storms.” It’s been one of my favorite Zelda tracks since I first learned the three-note melody while playing Ocarina of Timewhen it first came out. It was my ringtone as soon as I could make it so, and one of my most favorite shirts I own has the score of the “Song of Storms” on it with the phrase “Make It Rain” printed underneath. Naturally, with…

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Zelda’s Study: The secret shark of the lakeside laboratory

Sharks are usually portrayed as enemies in video games, given their on-screen reputation in the media as killing machines. As a huge shark nerd, I don’t always like that they’re portrayed in such a light. In The Legend of Zelda series as a whole, there have only been very few shark enemies. The Gyorg’s of Wind Waker and Malgyorg’s of Phantom Hourglass strike a close resemblance to them, but if…

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Medli’s Melodies: A bewitching violin cover of Kotake and Koume’s theme

I’m always impressed by the talent of musicians that create violin covers, and the piece I’m looking at today by Patti Rudisillis no exception. But her cover in particular — a rendition of the Kotake and Koume theme — really struck a chord with me. Patti draws inspiration from the fact that the witches are twins to influence the style of her cover, with the end result being a vibrant re-creation…

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Kokiri Forest ✿ The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998)

Ocarina of Time’s new any% speedrun record is now under 17 minutes

Ocarina of Time is a notoriously broken game in the speedrunning community. The any% category, which simply requires a person to beat the game, is particularly busted regarding exploits. Tricks such as “Get Item Manipulation” and “Wrong Warping” have allowed speedrunners to skip nearly the entire game and even fight Ganon while Link is still a child.

After four years of any% runners trying to…

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