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after all we’ve seen, do we not share the same wish?




Ok guys, these are the 10 most requested characters, thank you!! 🙂


i really just wanted to draw blocky link


2 years ago, i posted my most popular idea; amiibo costumes for splatoon 2. today, i redrew the first 4 that were featured in the original post.

Yuga’s Art Gallery: Knock on Deku wood

Living around the mountains in a small tourist town, it isn’t out of the ordinary to see wood carvings of the various fauna to some degree. One can easily spot a bear spawned from the massive trunk of a once living-and-thriving tree or even small carvings dedicated to remnants of the Native American heritage that thrives throughout the area. This had been the norm for what I considered wood…

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Tingle’s Maps: Spirit Temple

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed the idea of exploring ruins or ancient pyramids and the like. Navigating the twisting caverns, finding hidden treasure, or maybe finding a lost city or a beautiful underground lake. As an impressionable child, playing video games helped form my imagination, as I would often daydream about all the adventures I’d have exploring these exotic…

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Some times I think about how the Hero of time was only a kid.