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Here’s how SNES music was crafted onto a memory-tight console 

Any gamer who grew up with a Nintendo console, whether it was the
NES, SNES, N64, GameCube or the Wii, will no doubt be flooded with
memories at the sheer mention of these historic systems. The music of
your favorite games is undoubtedly synonymous with these memories.
YouTuber Evan Puschak, who also goes by Nerdwriter1, has broken down the method behind the music of the SNES in his comprehensive and concise video.

The video offers an enhanced understanding of how composers crafted
charming melodies to accompany some of the world’s best titles on
Nintendo’s home console from the early ’90s. It commences with an
explanation of the two sound chips, which co-operate with each other to
create and compile a collection of sound effects and music within an
entire game. Notably, these sound chips were developed by Sony which, on
a side note, is a meticulous detail after the infamous Nintendo
PlayStation fell through — a conceptual system which arose prior to the
SNES and PS1 bearing existence at the time, which was discovered and reported on in recent years.

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