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Halloween zeldoodles 🙂 / Zeldoodles de Halloween 🙂

Happy Halloween 🙂 🦇🦇🦇



My submission for the @lozanthology. You can check out the kickstarter here:

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Tingle’s Maps: The Great Bay Temple

Great Bay Temple

A lot of Zelda fans are way too harsh on the Great Bay Temple in my opinion. While it’s certainly not a flawless dungeon, I’d personally rate it as a pretty memorable and challenging experience. Plus, I think it’s one of the more creative water-based temples from throughout the series.

What exactly is “memorable” and “creative” about the Great Bay Temple, I hear you asking skeptically? Well,…

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Zelda’s Study: Gyorg species overview

While most enemies and beasts in Zelda games attempt to intimidate players with designs based on mythical sources, the various Gyorg species are rare exceptions that are inspired by real-life fears. Gyorgs have not appeared in many games, but their nature of being a deadly creature that lurks below (or even above) has made them hard to forget.

The first Gyorg to appear in the series was the…

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“The flow of time is always cruel… its speed seems different for each person, but no one can change it…“      -Sheik

sometimes I forget just how emotionally heavy Majora’s Mask is. Then it just, you know, hits me…inspired by these awe inspiring MM songs:                 

Medli’s Melodies: A bewitching violin cover of Kotake and Koume’s theme

I’m always impressed by the talent of musicians that create violin covers, and the piece I’m looking at today by Patti Rudisillis no exception. But her cover in particular — a rendition of the Kotake and Koume theme — really struck a chord with me. Patti draws inspiration from the fact that the witches are twins to influence the style of her cover, with the end result being a vibrant re-creation…

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