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Happy doodles, happy monday 🙂

Just a little Link’s awakening comic 🙂

Phone doodles 

Minako Hamano and Kozue Ishikawa: Make the Key Cavern theme spooky and ominous with the full power of the 8 bit!

*Switch remake*

Ryo Nagamatsu: I will unleash the full power of the BASS to remake the Key Cavern theme! Pianist…hit two and only two keys!

I believe in you little guy 😉

Quick zeldoodle, let’s be a little more optimistic, happy monday everyone 🙂 / Un zeldoodle rápido, seamos un poquito más optimistas, feliz lunes para todos 

I got a new Zelda hoodie!! :))))) 🤓🔺️

Doodling and spoiling a 1993 game at the same time.

Doodles, and new stickers 🙂

Doodles, and new stickers 🙂