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Link doodles for uncertain times, i hope my drawings can make your days a little less stresfull, a big geeky hug, from me to you ❤🙋‍♂️🤓

My classic tuesday Zeldoodle


botw is such a beautiful game and i had a hard time picking just one landscape to draw!!

wow, this looks just like a gif i made a while back. dont know if it was inspired by the gif but lovely drawing and thank you!


Sweetest Ordonian boy

Here’s a little doodle for you guys, graphite drawings are my favorites.


Hello again!! I’m back to posting here~

Here’s a new print I made a month or two ago! 



You Jealous Link, first zeldoodle of the week 


Sketchy friday, some unreleased doodles and comics, you can even see Link and ezlo between my animal crossing comic, hahaha, happy weekend everyone / Viernes de sketches, algunos dibujos y cómics que no había subido, incluso pueden ver a Link y Ezlo en mi cómic de Animal Crossing, feliz fin de semana para todos 🙂