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“Would you like to hear the ancient verse passed down in this region? Without further ado…” – Kass




Bombers’ Notebook: Kass

It had been days since I had come across a friendly face. I had encountered many an enemy encampment and disturbed several peaceful woodland creatures in my travels across Hyrule in Breath of the Wild, but since leaving Kakariko Village I had not seen another being with whom I could converse. Suddenly, as I emerged from a grove of tall oaks, I heard a strange sound echoing across the plain. Is…

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Kass Warm Up Doodle!

Before Ithrow myself in the deep end and stay up until 3 am drawing random shit, Imma just leave this warm up of Kass here. Enjoy this fancy bird 


So this time I made a drawing of Kass, a breath of the wild character (again). I really love the character design and couldn’t stop myself from drawing him🌻💙

… I really liked how it turned out so I’ll probably keep the style for a bit.

(The background is a slightly modified screencap directly from the game)




Themes of Revali, Prince Sidon, Daruk, Hyrule Castle, Mipha, Kass, and Captured Memories

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