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Link’s Awakening: Dreamer Edition also releasing in Japan, plus Japanese box art

We previously reported on the exciting special editions in North America and Europe, and now it looks like the Dreamer Edition is also headed to Japan too.

This is the same edition as the one releasing in North America, though there is no word on Europe’s steelbook bundle making its way to Japan at this time.

This also means we get a look at the Japanese box art, which features the same art…

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Possible Japanese reprint for every Zelda amiibo

A collection of Breath of the Wild amiibo

Nojima Online, a Japan-based mail order retailer, currently features listings of every Zelda amiibo with descriptions suggesting a “late November 2019” release, hinting that Nintendo may be preparing to reprint the series for consumers in Japan.

The listed amiibo on Nojima’s website are priced between 1,180 and 2,480 yen, or about $10 and $23. While nothing has yet been confirmed by Nintendo,…

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Super Mario orchestra concert coming to Japan

Last week it was announced that Nintendo’s hometown of Kyoto, Japan will be treated to an orchestrated concert featuring Mario, everyone’s favorite plumber, and his longtime nemesis Bowser (also known as Koopa in Japan). The show will feature songs from the latest Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch to the original Super Mario Bros. for the NES/Famicom and just about everything in between.


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My first Yo-kai comic here, i love that game 🙂 / Mi primer cómic de Yo-kai watch aquí, me encanta ese juego 🙂

Breath of the Wild hits 1 million units sold in Japan

According to the latest sales data from Japan, Breath of the Wild has just surpassed the million mark for physical copies sold. As of this reporting, the total number of units sold is 1,004,689. It’s important to note that the sales data is for physical copies sold in Japan only.

Even more impressively, Nintendo has reported that Breath of the Wildhas sold over 8.48 million on Switch and 1.5…

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Packaging unveiled for Hori’s D-pad-equipped left Joy-Con, coming to Japan

An officially licensed Joy-Con produced by Hori, complete with that greatly anticipated and fabled D-pad, is on its way to the Nintendo Switch after having been announced in recent months.

The packaging fits in with Nintendo’s own red and white Switch-style theme, so it is undoubtedly beautiful, but at the same time players should keep in mind that by getting yourself this D-pad-enabled miracle,…

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Nintendo is looking to hire a level designer for the Legend of Zelda series

A recent job posting from Nintendo Co., Ltd. shows that the company is looking to hire a level designer to work on the esteemed…

Breath of the Wild is the first Zelda title to sell 1 million copies in Japan since Ocarina of Time

Breath of the Wild has recently surpassed 1 million sales in Japan, making it only the second Zelda title to date to surpass such a milestone in the country. The current franchise record-holder is the illustrious Ocarina of Time for  the Nintendo 64 at 1.25 million. Approximately 871,528 Switch copies of the game were sold alongside 133,024 on the Wii U. Titles that have ran the 1 million mark…

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Honey, I shrunk the Switch: Mini game case charms are adorable and functional

Recently, a new series of miniature Nintendo Switch game case keychains was announced, which will make for an adorable add-on to any Nintendo Switch. Perhaps even better than the lilliputian cases themselves is the fact that each case can house one game cartridge for safe portability. If you’re hoping to fuse adorable style with functional use, these cases will gladly tag along on a carrying…

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To say Breath of the Wild is popular, well received, and one of the all-time best-selling games would be an understatement. The game’s popularity is plainly apparent, to the point that there was a time just after launch when Switch versions of the game were selling faster than Nintendo Switch hardware. As a result, it should come as no surprise to hear that Breath of the Wild‘s acclaim isn’t an…

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