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Bombers’ Notebook: Link, Warrior of Hyrule

Link is an icon among gaming legends. He is portrayed as the embodiment of strength and courage, and because of this is loved and admired by many. Each incarnation of the hero brings a new aspect to the character, highlighting different attributes of his good nature. However, what I like in particular about Hyrule Warriors‘s interpretation of the character is not one of his heroic traits, it’s…

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Yuga’s Art Gallery: Impa cosplay

I’ve never been much for cosplay, but I cannot dismiss the talent put on display through these creative outfits. And sometimes, the skill catches me by surprise. That’s why I’m compelled to share this amazing depiction of Impa from Hyrule Warriors.

Also, to ignore this cosplay would be to disregard Impa. And even if she’s not a real person, I’m not bold enough to disrespect her like that.

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Bombers’ Notebook: Ganondorf (Hyrule Warriors)

Hyrule Warriors gave us some fantastic incarnations of familiar characters from The Legend of Zelda’s many adventures. There was Link, with metal shoulder pads bolstering the chainmail he adopted from Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword, along with that fashionable blue scarf bearing the Hylian royal family emblem. Princess Zelda donned more armor than most versions of Link, and proved herself…

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Medli’s Melodies: Molgera vs. the Warriors

The re-release of Hyrule Warriors for the Switch was the first time I got to play the Wind Waker storyline, as the DLC for the WiiU only carried over the characters and weapons. I was excited to visit these new locations and explore the new story segments that gave one of my all-time favorite Zelda games a part in this spin-off title that I had become so engrossed with. One of the highlights from…

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