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Bombers’ Notebook: Ganondorf (Hyrule Warriors)

Hyrule Warriors gave us some fantastic incarnations of familiar characters from The Legend of Zelda’s many adventures. There was Link, with metal shoulder pads bolstering the chainmail he adopted from Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword, along with that fashionable blue scarf bearing the Hylian royal family emblem. Princess Zelda donned more armor than most versions of Link, and proved herself…

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This bizarre animated short features Link and Ganondorf’s epic dance-off

Cadence of Hyrule may have everyone grooving, but it can’t top the sheer weirdness of this animated Zelda short.

Zelda: A Lunk Between Danceis bizarre in all the best ways. It opens with Link locked in a T-pose entering the room full of pots in Castle Town. What follows is hard to explain and even harder to look away from, but reminds me of the wonderful strangeness of the internet’s early…

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Here’s another request i drew today, you guys really like asking for Ganon comics, hahaha / Acá hay otro pedido que dibujé hoy, a Ustedes si que les gusta pedir cómics de Ganon, jajajja 🙂

A doodle from an old request, thank you 🙂 hope you like it / Un dibujo de un pedido antiguo, gracias, espero que te guste 🙂

This is my last comic of the week, see you guys 🙂

Modder adds Ganondorf to Super Smash Bros. 64

Given just how packed the roster is for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, it’s hard to believe that there were only eight characters included in the original release back on the Nintendo 64.

The sole representative from the Zelda series for that initial outing was of course Link, but now a clever mod from Houston Smash 64 has added Ganondorf to fight alongside those 64-bit brawlers.

The impressive…

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King Ganondorf

Yo lads I’ve been dying to post this!

Ganon/Ganondorf is easily one of my favourite videogame characters of all time, and some time ago I was thinking, what would it look like if I got to design my own Zelda game, looks wise. And so I decided to experiment and come up with a concept for “King Ganondorf” My mate suggested I do one for Zelda and Link and honestly I’m really feeling it so I may as well!

I’m still working on him story wise. Not completely sure what his full story is yet, but I’m on it. And anyways, hope you enjoy my design for him 🤘

oh, if u got ideas for a story for him, or anything tell me about it :^D

Zelda’s Study: Of colors and costumes in Smash Bros Ultimate

I don’t know about you, but I’m very particular about the costumes I pick in Super Smash Bros. Once I pick one, I stick with it, so I take my time deciding which one I like the best. I consider things like color and visibility on-screen, and something that especially piques my interest in a costume is when I recognize where the design came from.

Many of the costumes in Smash Bros., even in its…

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