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Dragon Roost Island

Medli’s Melodies: A Hyrule Warriors track sure to put wind in your sails

Last week we celebrated the 5-year anniversary of Hyrule Warriors with columns highlighting music, trivia, characters and cosplay from or inspired by the Zelda spin-off. But why stop there? Let’s keep it going for another day! Think of it as Hyrule Warriors Week: Definitive Edition.

Today, we keep rocking with a mettlesome medley of Wind Waker melodies that first appeared in Hyrule Warriors…

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“Dragon Roost” from Symphony of the Goddesses

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Performed Digitally by: Jacob Barber

Composed by: Kenta Nagata
Arranged by: Chad Seiter
Orchestrated by: Susie Benchasil Seiter

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ZT says: Beautiful submission!


Number 2!

Dragon Roost Island from Dragon Roost Island was voted as the 2nd most popular track from the LoZ series in my give away event! 

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