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Hopefully this will be the last time i draw this horrible creature (love the new design btw) 🙂


I drew this little comic today in english and spanish, hope you guys enjoy it 🙂 happy tuesday / Dibujé este pequeño cómic hoy en inglés y español, espero que lo disfruten, feliz martes 🙂

Last week was awful, so i decided to draw something happy

Doki doki luigi

I drew a little Kirby comic today 🙂 / Dibujé un cómic pequeñito de Kirby hoy

I just wanted to draw Waluigi today 🙂 / Sólo quería dibujar a Waluigi hoy 

Thanks for asking for Earthbound / Mother doodles 🙂 / Gracias por pedir dibujos de Earthbound 🙂

Some comics and random doodles /

This is my last comic of the week, see you guys 🙂

I doodled my gooigi theory