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Realm of Memories: A Snowball’s Chance

Realm of Memories: A Snowball’s Chance

Breath of the Wildis a game with endless possibilities. A single task can have multiple methods that a player can use to accomplish it. For this reason, I usually enjoy tasks either involving opening a Shrine or handling the puzzles within a Shrine. Rarely do I get frustrated with one of these tasks, but the Gee Ha’rah Shrine in the Hebra Region gave me a great amount of trouble on a recent…

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Aonuma had ‘too many ideas’ for Breath of the …

Aonuma had ‘too many ideas’ for Breath of the Wild DLC, so made a sequel instead

As I watched the final reveal of last week’s Nintendo Direct, my first reaction to seeing Link and Zelda return was, “Wow! More Breath of the Wild DLC!” Of course, this excitement only increased tenfold as it was quickly revealed that this was in fact not just downloadable content, but a full-blown sequel to the critically acclaimed title.

Funnily enough, it turns out my initial thought…

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Aonuma explains Breath of the Wild’s lack of b…

Aonuma explains Breath of the Wild’s lack of button remapping

Following Zelda Producer Eiji Aonuma’s comments on staff overtime at Nintendo, what inspired him to remake Link’s Awakening, and why he chose a remake over a sequel, Kotaku also questioned him on the lack of button remapping in Breath of the Wild.

Aonuma explained that he and the team are very focused on delivering a strong experience for players. “When we have a button arrangement, we very…

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gogohoneys: Goddess Hylia!Linkle Mod for Breat…


Goddess Hylia!Linkle Mod for Breath of the Wild

Aonuma describes Nintendo work culture as ‘fle…

Aonuma describes Nintendo work culture as ‘flexible’ because staff comes first

The subject of overtime in the video game industry has been a hot one for the last few years. In fact, it’s so ingrained in the work culture that there’s a special name for it: crunch.

Game developers are all too often being asked to work up to 100 hours a week, including weekends, as a result of unrealistic deadlines, poor project planning, disorganization, or all of the above. Major studios…

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Hi! I recently got botw and love filling up th…

Hi! I recently got botw and love filling up the album by taking pictures. But for the life of me I can't capture the small birds, like the sparrows. Any tips?

full sheikah stealth gear + walk REALLY slow. like barely tilt the analog stick. but, no matter how quiet you are, all animals will eventually flee if you get too close. so crank that zoom up to max. deer are almost impossible to get a close picture of though (literally anything spooks them, even just you existing in their general area not making any sound), so i’d just settle for a somewhat far shot of those imo.



triforce-princess: ZELDA, P…


                    ZELDA, PRINCESS OF HYRULE

"Your path seems to mirror your father's. You've dedicated yourself 
  to becoming a knight, as well. Your commitment to the training 
necessary to fulfill your goal is really quite admirable. I see now 
 why you would be the chosen one. What if...One day...You realized 
   that you just weren't mean to be a fighter. Yet the only thing 
   people ever said...was that you were born into a family of the 
 royal guard,  and so no matter what you thought, you had to become 
 a knight. If that was the only thing you were ever told...I wonder
          then...would you have chosen a different path?"

linksfarewell: arthurpenhaligons: You who have…



You who have received the Spirit Orbs… free Naydra from this Malice.

One of my favorites moments playing BOTW