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Link doodles for uncertain times, i hope my drawings can make your days a little less stresfull, a big geeky hug, from me to you ❤🙋‍♂️🤓

Here’s a little doodle for you guys, graphite drawings are my favorites.

Sketchy friday, some unreleased doodles and comics, you can even see Link and ezlo between my animal crossing comic, hahaha, happy weekend everyone / Viernes de sketches, algunos dibujos y cómics que no había subido, incluso pueden ver a Link y Ezlo en mi cómic de Animal Crossing, feliz fin de semana para todos 🙂

Sketches from this week comics and some random doodles, i feel so happy when i read your beautiful messages, thank you guys 🙂 See you next week

Sketches de los cómics de esta semana y algunos dibujos random, me siento tan feliz cuando leo sus lindos mensajes, gracias chicos. Nos vemos la próxima semana

Putting this here to remind everyone about this fucking 100 out of 10 music piece just to release date for BoTW on us

Oh wise Link, look into the future and tell us when the freak we're getting Breath of the Wild 2 info!!! Pokemon was nice and all, but this dry spell is murder, man. ;w;

I, the wise Link, assume we will get info in the near future. It may be during the next E3 direct. I doubt that it shall be sooner. However, Nintendo loves to surprise. Stay on your toes. 

Thank you 🙂

Fiercer than Ganon 🙂

Love yourself ❤ 😉


early game be like