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hello!! i just found your blog (sorry for spamming your notifications btw

every once in a while someone apologizes for “spamming your notifications” and i dont understand it, notifications are tucked away in a separate page and i never see them. i promise you you are not bothering me by liking my posts, thats a silly thing to apologize for

you might already have a faq somewhere that I'm not seeing on mobile but I wanted to ask, what do you typically use when making gifs?

i do have an FAQ but mobile twitter doesnt let you view someones main page (wish more people could see it, i spent so much time organizing tags and stuff so people could browse specific content and now like at least half the people that follow me probably cant do that cuz of mobile lol)

anyway i use adobe photoshop cs5

Hi! I follow you for some time and I've noticed that you have been posting a lot of Hyrule Warriors gifs… I recently got this game but I can't take any videos of it on Switch, so could you tell me how it is that you do it? Thanks!

I have an external capture card (connects to a PC with USB 3.0), it costed like 150 dollars if I remember correctly.

I’ve been meaning to do Hyrule Warriors compilations on Youtube for a long time now, but I never finished recording all of the Heart Piece/Container animations with all the different costumes and there’s just been no interest in me making more Hyrule Warriors gifs every time I put it up for a vote. I think I’ll return to Hyrule Warriors soon though since I made a handful of Wind Waker HD gifs (which is what was voted on in the last poll) and I think I’d like to move on from that soon. So my point is maybe I can provide some videos for everyone to work with in the future.

I have a big playlist of various cutscene compilations of various games already but most of it is in 720p at a low bitrate so I’d like to re-record some of this eventually now that I have PC that can record stuff in better resolution and bitrate.

Hiiii!! Ben from VGWater here. I needed to send you a massive thank you for all the work you continuously do. You have a really good eye for photography/videography and you're exceptional at making gifs crystal clear, high framerate and somehow under 2-5mb. Please keep going!! You are talented and it's benefitted my blog a lot. Thank you so much friend 🙂

this means a lot to me because while i was in school i was pushed away from photography and told to pursue illustration instead, so i ended up channeling a lot of my photography interest into gifs and screencaps for this blog. being told i have a good eye for photography is the compliment i didn’t know i needed these past 5 years of running this blog, so thank you so much and you’re welcome ☺

🌿 Your blog is so well done, and very beautiful. 🌿

thank you 🙂

Which game is that last gif set of Zelda from, it looks familiar but I can’t place it

i don’t know exactly which post you’re referring to but all of the recent posts in my queue are from hyrule warriors at the moment (anything not from hyrule warriors was just something i saw on my dashboard and wanted to reblog it, those posts don’t have the “queue” tag anyway)

Ok I don't mean to interject with an unwanted opinion, but tbh I love Dorephan. Of all the Zora, he had the most reason to hate Link, since a lot of them blame him for Mipha's death. And yet Dorephan welcomes him with open arms, respects the love his daughter had for Link, and almost treats him like another son. I love the supportive dynamic there & tbh I can see him being someone Link looks up to as An Adult, seeing as there's so few sympathetic & emotionally supportive to him who know his past

you know, this is a really good point and i never considered this before. i learned something tonight, thanks!

Hello there. Do you happen to have any gifs of King Dorephan?. I think he doesn't get the attention he deserves

which game is dorephan from?? i know daphnes from wind waker and the one from botw but i dont know that one

thank you for all the Twilight Princess gifs lately, one of my favorite games of all time and I love when people get to see how gorgeous it is 🙂

you’re welcome!

Could you please please please please please please please make a Ghirahim gifset if you have the time??? I would love to see him again

i think you’ll definitely see him again whenever i get back to hyrule warriors, but people voted that i do wind waker hd next so i don’t know exactly when thatll be

i’ll just reblog some of my old gifs featuring him for now