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Could you please please please please please please please make a Ghirahim gifset if you have the time??? I would love to see him again

i think you’ll definitely see him again whenever i get back to hyrule warriors, but people voted that i do wind waker hd next so i don’t know exactly when thatll be

i’ll just reblog some of my old gifs featuring him for now

Your gifs are lovely!

thanks! 🙂

Do you know if Twilight Princess has been ported to the Switch?

It has not been ported to Switch.

hey there!! do u take gif requests?

not really, but what did you want to see?

So lore wise, where does BOTW tie into say, Twilight Princess? I mean, it's hinted in TP about the Sacred Realm/Skyland, but how does BOTW connect to them? I haven't played it yet, so I'm just curious.

I don’t think it fits in anywhere, it’s just it’s own isolated story. dont think there was ever intended to be a timeline (for all the games in general) in the first place, they just made one after the fact cuz of fan demand

hey! i’ve been following you for many years and i just wanted to say how much i love your blog & ADORE your let’s relax series on youtube. i watch it all the time while chilling on my phone or playing other games & it truly sets the best vibe lol. just wanted to drop in let you know how much i love your content 🙂

thanks! 🙂

i love the colors you chose for the climbing set!

thanks! i just love dressing link in pink 🙂

your gif you posted of the fairy from botw is absolutely Gorgeous, you did an amazing job!

thanks 🙂

hi, i love your blog! saw in another ask you might be gifing twilight princess hd sometime; this is so in advance but may i request some shots from the twilit bird and fruit balloon game segments along zora's river?

from my brief testing of it in cemu  it doesn’t emulate perfectly as far as i’m aware (its decent but stuttering a bit, would just prefer to do it on wii u since i know the framerate is perfectly stable on console & its already in 720p) which means i can’t do free camera stuff since i’ll be doing it on console. idk if i can do that area but we’ll see when i get there (itll probably be a month or two before i start playing cuz theres still a lot of botw gifs left to queue)

Hey! May I ask… How do you make screen recordings from the Switch in order to make gifs?

i use an external capture card (USB 3.0, avermedia live gamer extreme). the model i have is an older one that isnt produced anymore (compared to the new 4k model, it allows for component capture, which is sadly not a feature on the new 4k model. not sure what else the 4k version is missing compared to my 1080p one.) at the time i bought it, it cost like 150 dollars? as for software, i usually just use avermedia recentral 3 to record videos for gifs since it seems to be the only software that outputs videos that photoshop will load (i tried so hard to match the settings exactly in OBS but there’s just no solution to this, if i record in OBS i have to upload it to youtube & then download it from youtube before photoshop will load the video)