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I drew this little comic today in english and spanish, hope you guys enjoy it 🙂 happy tuesday / Dibujé este pequeño cómic hoy en inglés y español, espero que lo disfruten, feliz martes 🙂

North Americans, you could win a custom A Link Between Worlds Princess Zelda amiibo

We’re giving North American Zelda fans the chance to win a custom-made amiibo of Princess Zelda from A Link Between Worlds.

Created by talented amiibo crafter MissGandaKris, this unique amiibo features the version of Princess Zelda seen in the 2013 Nintendo 3DS title A Link Between Worlds. For a chance to win this prize, enter via the Gleam form below or by heading over to the giveaway page…

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All Zelda amiibo are back in stock at the Nintendo UK Store

Missing a desperately sought-after Wolf Link or Young Link amiibo? The Nintendo UK Store has a one-per-customer restock of all Zelda amiibo at the moment.

It’s a transaction you won’t want to spend too long pondering as history indicates that they are insanely popular and demand will mean they will be gone quicker than Epona after a feed of carrots. The timing is impeccable, considering the Li…

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Link’s Awakening amiibo preorders now live in the UK

Zelda fans in the UK can now lay claim to their little buddy Link, now that preorders for the Link’s Awakening amiibo are now live.

At the time of publication, GAME is the only UK retailer taking preorders right now, with the adorable adventurer priced at £14.99. Speaking of GAME, considering how quickly the limited edition bundles of Link’s Awakening are disappearing, you may want to preorder…

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Link’s Awakening amiibo out September 20

If you didn’t think the Link’s Awakening remake was adorable and charming enough already, its new amiibo may convince you. 

Releasing September 20, the same day as the game itself, the Link amiibo perfectly captures the character and looks like it came straight out of the game. The only question now is whether anyone else will be making an appearance as amiibo.

Nintendo also disclosed…

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Possible Japanese reprint for every Zelda amiibo

A collection of Breath of the Wild amiibo

Nojima Online, a Japan-based mail order retailer, currently features listings of every Zelda amiibo with descriptions suggesting a “late November 2019” release, hinting that Nintendo may be preparing to reprint the series for consumers in Japan.

The listed amiibo on Nojima’s website are priced between 1,180 and 2,480 yen, or about $10 and $23. While nothing has yet been confirmed by Nintendo,…

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Super Mario Maker Direct scheduled for 5/15/2019

This year’s E3 show starts exactly 4 weeks from today, but Nintendo seems to be filling the “calm before the storm” with at least one last announcement. They announced that a Super Mario Maker 2 Direct would be coming tomorrow, May 15. You can catch the stream directly when it starts at 3pm PST. 

While we are mostly big fans of Nintendo in general, the reason we’re posting this here is the…

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Princess Zelda’s Study: The Legend of Animal Crossing

For those who have dabbled in the world of Animal Crossing, there has always been an abundance of references to other Nintendo games, including The Legend of Zelda. From items to clothes, various iconic pieces from Zelda can be found throughout the animal villages, and we’re here to discuss some of these hidden treasures! These cameo items span across many games in the Animal Crossing series, but…

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I did this comic today, everyday i take a walk with my dog, and draw stuff like this in my head 🙂 / Hice este cómic hoy, todos los días salgo a pasear con mi perro y dibujo cosas como esta en mi cabeza 🙂

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is launching with an enormous roster that includes all of the previous fighters across all of the entries with a few additions. These additions include Inklings, Daisy, and Ridley, the long awaited nemesis of Samus. During the Nintendo Treehouse at E3, amiibo for both Inkling and Ridley were on display. Now, the Japanese Nintendo site confirmed that the company is planning on creating amiibo for all of the other returning fighters.

The site specifically mentioned both Pichu and the Ice Climbers, however it seems there will be others as well. Other veterans that are returning include Young Link, Wolf, Pokémon Trainer, and Snake. Nintendo may be facing a daunting task of creating a new amiibo for all of the 66 confirmed characters. Previously stated, all current Smash Wii U amiibo will be compatible with Smash Ultimate, so I can imagine Nintendo deciding to skip over some in favor of more popular characters like Mario and Link in his Champions Tunic for the new amiibo.

I wonder if third-party characters like Snake could pose a potential copyright issues down the road with Konami or if Pokémon Trainer will include Charizard or just Squirtle and Ivysaur. Hopefully the Pokémon Trainer will release both male and memale versions.  I am looking forward to seeing Snake with his cardboard box as imagined by Harro on Twitter.

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Nintendo confirms new amiibo are on the way including Pichu and Ice Climbers

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is launching with an enormous roster that includes all of the previous fighters across all of the entries with a few additions.