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Made another Zelda meme



Person 1 holds up a copy of A Link Between Worlds and Triforce Heroes

Person 1: Which one should I buy?

Person 2: Allow me to answer the question with another question. Which cover has a golden tint on the box art?

Person 1: A Link Between Worlds. 

Person 2:

Realm of Memories: A train ride with A Link Between Worlds

As we celebrate 20 years of Ocarina of Time, another game is celebrating a milestone as well. Granted it’s only at its fifth year, but an anniversary is an anniversary nevertheless. Of course, I am referring to A Link Between Worlds. 

Realm of Memories is a series where we reflect on our absolute favorite moments in The Legend of Zeldagames. These could be the times we first fell in…

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Me, playing “A Link Between Worlds” for the first time: *starts game*

Game: *Triforce pieces become one and the title drops to epic as hell music*

Me: *shuts off 3DS, plugs in earbuds, restarts game*


*Triforce pieces become one and the title drops to epic as hell music but this time all the notes AND THE BASS can be heard through the earbuds*

Me, as tears start forming in my eyes: I’m playing this game with earbuds at all times. 

I always love a good Zelda twist to a meme


as princess of lorule, it is my duty to save my kingdom.



[smol Hilda giving the weird peasant boy that sleeps in the castle stables sometimes some cake from her birthday party.]


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