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About Smash Music…

I’ve gotten some asks about this and figured I should make my thoughts known publicly.  I will not be uploading Zelda music from Super Smash Brothers Ultimate until the game officially releases on December 7. There are people who have gotten their hands on the game early and have uploaded mirrors to the internet, allowing people to rip music from the game and upload it.  Out of respect for Nintendo and Sakurai, I am waiting to update my vault of music until the day they intended for people to hear it.

Until then, I will upload the rest of the BOTW cutscene tracks and any other requests you guys have (just drop it in my ask box!).  Of course, if Nintendo officially releases a new Zelda track on the Smash Bros website or on their YouTube channel, I will be happy to share it with you 🙂

This also serves as a warning to people who don’t want to be spoiled about what music is in the game at the start of December 7.  I’ll be marking the tracks as “super smash bros ultimate” and “ssbu spoilers” if you want to blacklist, or feel free to unfollow me for a while until you’ve been able to experience the game for yourself.

Have you uploaded the soundtrack to the cutsce…

Have you uploaded the soundtrack to the cutscene from DLC pack 2 with urbosa? The part where she fights those yiga clan members has such amazing music!!!

Not yet, but I will 🙂 Stay tuned!

My friend and I were talking about what LOZ ch…

My friend and I were talking about what LOZ characters we would add in Smash the other day and I want Sidon, Midna, and Twilight Princess Link that can change to wolf form.

I’ve always wanted Midna as a playable character, but they keep relegating her to assist trophy status :(((

I think Sidon or any Zora would be cool.  It’s kind of strange that we don’t have any other Zelda races really represented in Smash besides Hylian (and Gerudo I guess).  I’m really surprised we didn’t get any of the Champions at least as assist trophies…I guess we have to make do with their spirits

I’d be so down for one of the Links turning into the wolf too!  If not that, then maybe he could show up for some of Midna’s attacks if she were to ever become playable

its a shame that the cast of zelda is huge, an…

its a shame that the cast of zelda is huge, and theres tons of characters that have good potential as fighters, but weve been stuck with the same three characters since the second game, youd think theyd have added at least one new zelda character by now, with it being one of nintendos biggest names.. but were stuck with 3 links and 2 zeldas 🙁

Totally agreed

And Hyrule Warriors showed that you can give these characters really unique movesets as fighters.  That’s why I’d really like a new Zelda rep as DLC that’s someone we haven’t seen before, but I think they’re going to go with really big names and/or characters from upcoming games (though I don’t know how much will come from the latter, since it seems like they decided who would be DLC a while ago)

What would you think about Toon Zelda and/or T…

What would you think about Toon Zelda and/or Tetra as a possible chance for DLC characters? I feel like Tetra could have some very unique, yet fun movesets and then Toon Zelda could have some moves that are from a combination of games like Wind Waker and Spirit Tracks.

I think it’s possible, more so for Tetra because they said they are developing new movesets for DLC characters and I think she would have more to pull from.  They could give her some of her moves from Hyrule Warriors too.

My issue with either is I really don’t like having multiple versions of the same character.  Like I love Link, but I’m kind of frustrated that there are three versions of him in this game.  I think it would be better if they had different movesets from the default Link (Young Link using his masks would be really cool), but they’re pretty much the same aside from speed and weight.  That’s why I don’t really want Toon Zelda or even Tetra since it’s still Zelda…I want a brand new character from the Zelda franchise like Impa.  If I had to choose, though, I would definitely go with Tetra.

I don’t mind clone/similar characters in terms of movesets, but when they’re actually the same character (i.e. 3 Links) it makes me roll my eyes a little.  I get why they have to be here because of the “Everyone is Here” theme, but it just makes me sad that half of the Zelda reps are just Link.

Hello! I was wondering are there any character…

Hello! I was wondering are there any characters you would like to see for Smash Ultimate DLC?

Hello!  That’s a tough question, because there really isn’t anyone that I really want to get in at this point…

I would definitely like to see a new Zelda rep.  It pains me that we haven’t gotten one since Melee, and that we really only have Link, Zelda, and Ganon as characters.  I think Impa would be a really good choice–I would love to see her Hyrule Warriors design and she could potentially use her big sword and naginata with elemental effects.  I would have liked Skull Kid, but since he’s been relegated back to Assist Trophy status I’m not sure  he has a chance anymore.

I would say Isaac as well because my brother is a huge Golden Sun fan and he really wanted Isaac to be a fighter…he was heartbroken when he was revealed as an AT again.  

I do think it’s slightly possible for current AT to become playable fighters through DLC, but I’m not holding my breath for it.  It seems like Chrom is still a part of Robin’s final smash and the Chrom Mii costume is still in the game, so if there can be multiple types of Chrom on the field why not a playable Isaac along with his AT?  But again, I don’t think this is very likely to happen…

Other than that, I will be fine with any DLC as long as it makes people happy.  I’d love to get characters that seem impossible to get, like Sora, for what it would represent.  I’d honestly like a Three Houses character too (someone who uses an axe or lance though) but I think people will lose their shit if another Fire Emblem character makes it in (which makes me want it even more sometimes).  I don’t think this is too likely though, since they said they had begun planning these things before Xenoblade 2 came out deconfirming Rex.

will you be watching the direct tomorrow?

will you be watching the direct tomorrow?

Of course!  However, I won’t be able to watch it until later tomorrow night because I have a nonstop day of class, work, and then driving.  

I will definitely share my thoughts in some capacity once I do watch it, but I will be disconnected from the internet until then to avoid spoilers 🙂

I already got my boy in Smash, so anything else is just icing on the cake!

Hi! I checked your blog but couldn't find…

Hi! I checked your blog but couldn't find a track of "Zelda's Awakening" from BoTW anywhere! Is it possible to add this? :3

I haven’t uploaded this track (or any of the memories) because unfortunately, to my knowledge, the music is tied to sound effects going on in the scene.  So the tracks don’t have any dialogue, but you can hear the guardians running around and falling so it doesn’t make for nice audio-only track.

If you would like to listen to it, you can listen here

It is a very nice song that plays though, I wish they had just the music available 

Hello! I was wondering if you had any favorite…

Hello! I was wondering if you had any favorite Kid Icarus characters?

Hi there!  That’s a tough question because I love all the characters…

I guess I would have to say my favorite is Palutena though, and I really like Hades as a villain 🙂

what are your favorite video games?

what are your favorite video games?

This is a tough question…I’ve played so many games and I like so many! But I will list out the ones I consider to be my favorites.  Most of them are at the top because of the impact they had on me and my love for video games!

1. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

2. Fire Emblem: Awakening.

3. Kid Icarus: Uprising

4. Pokemon: Silver

5. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Most of these games are among my favorite because they introduced me to series that I love so much today (TP, FE:A, and Silver), and I’ve replayed them too many times to count.  Uprising is just a whole lot of fun from the characters to the music to the gameplay (I never experienced those wrist pains).  Skyrim is on this list because it’s the first video game I really got into that wasn’t Nintendo, which encouraged me to expand my video game interests.  I don’t necessarily think these are the best games in existence, but they’re my personal favorites 🙂

Let me know what your favorites are!