I'm so glad you're feeling better!! I love your comics and your blog 🙂 you seem so nice

THANK YOU SO MUCH! 🤓❤❤❤ i love drawing for you guys, my headaches are almost over, i have to take a litte pill for life, but who cares, i can paint without pain(t) (hahaha 🤔🤓) ba dum tss 🥁, hey listen! 🧚🏻‍♀️

are those for sale?

I assume your talking about my yellow raspberry pi console, sadly not for now, the dollar in my country is so, SO, high that i can not sell anything for now, it,s so saaaad, i’m sorry 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

hi! i saw your most recent post, and was wondering: how much would it cost to provide enough materials to make one of those?

You’re talking about my custom raspberry pi console, right? Hmm, 🤔 i bought some parts locally (i live in Chile) some other parts online, and others are self made, since i made this console for me and not for selling, i really can’t remember how much i spent. You need a raspberry pi, the controller and the screen for the pi, you can buy one of these on aliexpress (waveshare), and a case, bye.

Hi there! What do you use to colour your work?

Hi! My internet and binary friend, right now i’m using a tablet and MediBang Paint 🤓📱🎨 bye byeeee!

Hi, do you take anyone’s request or no?

Hm, it depends, i really love when you guys suggest me stuff to draw, but of course i wanna draw fun stuff, not Snake riding yoshi or something like that (well, that’s a pretty cool idea) give me a cool idea / character(s) and sure, i can doodle you something.

You've got such pure and wholesome art, I love it!! It makes me smile!

Aaw, thank you so much 😱🤓❤🤗🤗🤗 i get my comic / doodle ideas from simple stuff that i feel in my everyday life, my girlfriend, friends, even my dog, and art and video games are the perfect tools for me to express myself i guess. 🤓✏

My comics are weird, i’m proud of that 🙂

I drew a gooaisy? today, 🤓✏ Dibujé una Gooaisy hoy

I drew some AC characters as Tamagotchi pets 🙂 / Dibujé algunos personajes de AC como mascotas Tamagotchi 🙂

I believe in you little guy 😉