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Realm of Memories: Koloktos is an all-time great boss battle

The Ancient Cistern is a truly magnificent dungeon. It is stunning to behold, the interior painted by an array of resplendent colors over elaborate stonework, blooming foliage, and pristine water. Imagery of lily pads, lotuses, and the Buddha-like central statue evoke a distinctly Asiatic character. The stark contrast between the vibrant upper levels and the eerie basement of the dungeon is…

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“Everything I’ve done up until now… it was all for nothing…”

I’ve been really busy with life these days, i’ll try to draw more next month ;o;

Tingle’s Maps: The Great Fairies Fountains of the Great Sea

When sailing across the vast Great Sea, there was always one particular type of island that I was elated to see when it peaked over the horizon in The Wind Waker. A small, heart-shaped island with a large conch emerging from the ground. Upon the discovery of each new one, I knew something grand awaited me below the surface. 

Tingle’s Mapsis a series in which we explore the endless lands of…

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Zelda’s Study: Every location name reference in Breath of the Wild (probably) (part 1)

The map of Breath of the Wild’s Hyrule is the most expansive one to date, having numerous amounts of locations to visit. Whether prominent villages or tiny landmarks, some of these areas are named after previous events, areas, or characters from The Legend of Zelda series, and that is precisely what we will be looking into. Here is every location name reference in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of…

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Medli’s Melodies: A wondrous observatory

The Astral Observatory has always been a place I associated with childlike wonder and whimsy, and while the elaborate colors and elaborate structure of the building do a fine job in portraying this, I think it’s the music that really takes it over the top. Even before playing this game I heard the song and wondered what kind of magical place it must be to have such a mystifying tune as its theme.…

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Phone Wallpapers
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Yuga’s Art Gallery: The Zelda cosplayers of NYCC 2019

My favorite con of the year, New York Comic Con, has come and gone once again. As long as I wish it would have lasted forever, I will always have the memories of this amazing convention. My favorite part of any con is taking photos of the amazing cosplayers that attend the convention, and just as always, the Legend of Zelda cosplayers that attended are no exception. Here are some of the fantastic…

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