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Hey! Something's been nagging me about botw and it's the line the "he has given up reincarnation" when you fight Ganon. Do you think that botw 2 is gonna be the last Loz game? I mean, the whole map is gonna be different and they say they aren't going to be in Hylia anymore….

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We need to talk about AVGN's takedown of Majora's Mask. Ocarina of Time used to be considered a timeless masterpiece before Egoraptor shit out a baseless rant on it. Now five years later you STILL can't say anything positive about it without being dismissed as a "nostalgiatard".James has a lot of influence over what's considered a good or bad game. MM means a lot to me and I would hate to see it's legacy tarnished like it's predecessor.

In my honest opinion, OoT and MM have fantastic stories. As far as gameplay goes, it has not aged well. I know MM has the time loop gameplay concept and that throws off a lot of people from playing/finishing it, me included. OoT is an odd one for me. Never loved it or hated it. It was my first Zelda I played but not the first I finished. It’s still better than some other Zelda titles, but it certainly isn’t the best.

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Putting this here to remind everyone about this fucking 100 out of 10 music piece just to release date for BoTW on us






Lifesize Breath of the Wild Guardian at Nintendo of America Headquarters in Redmond, Washington

Oh wise Link, look into the future and tell us when the freak we're getting Breath of the Wild 2 info!!! Pokemon was nice and all, but this dry spell is murder, man. ;w;

I, the wise Link, assume we will get info in the near future. It may be during the next E3 direct. I doubt that it shall be sooner. However, Nintendo loves to surprise. Stay on your toes.