Author: My video game comics :)


More pokemon sword / shield doodles 🙂

Last doodle for today 🙂 these two are so cute

The waterbike is so cool, i had to draw it 🙂 / la Bicicleta de agua es tan cool, tenía que dibujarla 🙂

Some quick doodles i did the other day, i’ve been feeling a bit better, thank you guys for all the sweet messages.

I drew some Kirby doodles today:)

I should draw a mini comic using this/ Debería dibujar un mini comic usando esto:)

One more thing, thank you so much for all the doodle requests, and please forgive me guys for not answering as quick as i wanted to all of your beautiful messagges. I’m super shy, that’s why i never talk about myself (just like Link in my comics) and everytime i take this little breaks from my Zeldoodles it’s because i have this awfull and horrible headaches along with a lot of anxiety because i can’t give my best, i push myself too much i guess, and i hate to admit it. I’m seeing a new doctor and i truly hope that he’s gonna fix my head this time for good. Thank you for understanding. Hope to be back really soon with new comics and a re stock of my Zeldoodles book.


If you ever make more of your book, I would love to know. It's so cute, and I would tots be down to buying one.

Hello 🙂 Oh, thank you so much 🤓❤❤ I’ll post something as soon as i get new copies 🤓📒📒

hey! it might be a little late, but i'm wondering if you're still taking orders for your book!! and if it'd be something that could be shipped internationally, e.g australia? thank you!!

Hi 🤗 i don’t have any books left atm :/ yes, i do ship to Australia, as soon as i get new stock i’ll post something here, ok? Thaank you 🤗🤗❤