Wow! Really nice job on the cosplays they all …

Wow! Really nice job on the cosplays they all look so beautiful. Sorry if you've already answered this before but how to you make the armour?

Thank you so much! 

I either use craft foam or black worbla as material for the armor–usually I use a combo. They’re both thermoplastics, so they become malleable when hot.  Worbla is very rigid when cool and very flexible when it’s heated, so it’s great for armor pieces or accessories you don’t want bending while wearing or traveling.  It’s also helpful because it sticks to itself when you heat it, so you don’t need glue on details. Craft foam is never rigid (so after wearing it a lot or dropping it, it might lose its shape), but will generally hold the shape you mold it into after it cools.  It’s also very cheap (I’m talking 49 cents per sheet), while worbla is pretty expensive.

I first draft a pattern of the armor by wrapping myself in saran wrap and tape, then draw out how I want that piece to look.  Then I transfer that rough sketch onto paper and refine it to make a more even template, then transfer that template onto craft foam.  I generally sandwich the craft foam between two worbla pieces that are larger than the craft foam to create a nice and more stable piece of armor 🙂 This is called the sandwich method, there are lots of tutorials about it on google!

That’s kind of the basics of what I do.  Let me know if you have any other questions or if you want some links to some great tutorials!