Not Zelda related but if I wanted to get into …

Not Zelda related but if I wanted to get into Fire emblem what would be the best place to start? I was thinking awakening but what do you think?

I think Awakening is a really good place to start (that’s what I did).  I know some might disagree with that, but it’s one of the more (legally) accessible game.  The first 6 games never released in the US.  The other games are either for the GBA or are rare to find and thus super expensive. 

Awakening is for the 3DS, and was originally made as the potential last game of the series, since FE’s sales were dwindling. They included a lot of different elements from previous games, and introduced new-ish mechanics that the series seems to be known for now (lots of marriage and child units).

I had never played a Fire Emblem game before, and I loved it! The different difficulty settings really helped me get acclimated to the gameplay.  Others sometimes scorn the ability of this game to turn off Permadeath, but I think it allows for new players who want an easier transition into the FE world to enjoy the game.  

I’ve played some of the older games now and they’re just as enjoyable for me, but I’m not sure I would have been very interested in them if I hadn’t gotten sucked into the universe with Awakening. All in all, I think it’s a great place to start because that’s what I did and now I can’t get enough FE!