I’m a big zelda fan but have never playe…

I’m a big zelda fan but have never played hyrule Warriors (haven’t played any of the Warriors games) and I’m nervous if I get it it’ll get repetitive fast. I’m a casual fire emblem fan (only played fates and a bit of awakening) and I wonder if FE warriors would be a better choice to get. Which would you recommend?

Short answer: probably get the Definitive Edition of Hyrule Warriors for the Switch, since it includes all of the characters/DLC that was released from when it launched on Wii U. 

Long answer: It really depends on your preferences.  The general consensus seems to be that Zelda fans like Hyrule Warriors much better than Fire Emblem fans like FE Warriors. However, Warriors-style games are not for everyone because they can become repetitive for some: the main goal of each chapter is usually defeat lots of enemies and take forts.

If your major concern is repetition, Hyrule Warriors is probably the way to go. All the characters have their own move sets and some characters have multiple weapons that completely change their play style. If you get the Definitive Edition (which costs the same as FE Warriors), you’ll have access to everything/more content. FE Warriors hasn’t felt repetitive to me, but there are clone characters.  For example, all of the Pegasus Knights (Cordelia, Hinoka, Caeda) all have the same move set with just different specials. 

I personally think both are really fun games and take a while to feel repetitive. I would recommend either, but Hyrule Warriors is probably the best one to start with.  Maybe if you really like that game, you can try FE Warriors down the road! If you’re still not sure if this type of game is for you, then you can maybe just try out other games from either franchise instead since you seem to like both!