New details for the Switch port of Hyrule Warriors have emerged thanks to a Japanese product page for it. The game, launching on March 22 in Japan (with a “Spring” window for everyone else), is set to add some new features while revamping ones previously included.

There’s a gallery featured below if you want to see some new assets, but as for the new details, there’s a bit more than I would have imagined.

  • This is being touted as the ultimate version of Hyrule Warriors, which saw numerous releases and DLC packs. That means everything that has ever been in previous games is in here, including the DLC Maps that never released for Wii U.
  • That also means that the new story created for the 3DS version is being redesigned in gorgeous HD. (1080p in Docked Mode, 720p in Handheld)
  • Did you like Breath of the Wild? Have some costumes!
  • Multiplayer returns in the form of split-screen, which is perfect for couch co-op. (sadly, no online or local multiplayer, similar to Fire Emblem Warriors).
  • The 3DS-exclusive feature My Fairy Mode returns, but this time they’re not off-putting 2D cut-outs, and are instead being rendered in full 3D.
  • Your Breath of the Wild Amiibo will be usable here. It’s uncertain what their specific goal is, but in theory you’ll be unlocking the Breath of the Wild outfits with Link and Zelda, and then they’ll count as those respective characters for future unlocks (like weapons and rupees similar to previous versions of the game).
  • Item Card Shop: Tired of playing the same levels on Hyrule’s map in order to get another candle? Cough up some rupees here, and you’ll be able to buy the items you need instead.

Obviously they’re not going hog wild and adding a bunch of new characters, but it’s nice to see them taking some steps to improve the overall experience. That’s especially true for the Item Card Shop, which has a friendlier way to approach something that you may have cleared twice already.

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Hyrule Warriors on Switch looking to earn its “Definitive” title with new additions

New details for the Switch port of Hyrule Warriors have emerged thanks to a Japanese product page…