Don’t Forget Us!

Join Jake D. Snake as he
continues his 3-Heart run of The Wind Waker in Snake Run at 12pm PT.
Later in the day at 5pm PT, Amanda VanHiel hopes to reach the end of her
blind run through A Link to the Past in Running Blind.

Alex Rosenberg continues his fun and wacky play through of Ocarina of
Time as he nears the end of his journey in The Rosenberg Hour at 3pm PT.

Join Elias Thompson as he does what he does best and ignores the Zelda
series completely, continuing Metroid: Samus Returns in Let’s Not Play
Zelda at 7pm PT.

Don’t miss the premiere of ZU After Dark, featuring Elias Thompson, Erich Schuler, & Josh Jepson at 9pm PT!

Erich Schuler starts his new broadcast, Konnichiwa Korok, aiming to learn Japanese through Zelda games at 6pm.

Join YahMoPlayThat as they play two classic games in The Twilight Realm, starting at 8pm PT.

A brand new episode of our Zelda RPG show, Realms of the Wild, begins
at 9am PT. Will our heroes make it out of the dungeon Eruna got them
trapped in? And of course, Cody Davies finishes off the week with the
continuation of Pokemon Silver in The Cody Zone at 8pm PT.

We hope to see you over at Twitch!